It is not uncommon for social media influencers and bloggers to edit their pictures to make them look more appealing. However, the hawk-eyed, self-proclaimed "Diet Sabyas" on the internet won't let you get away with faking it on the internet. Tupi Saravia, a big social media influencer from Buenos Aires in Argentina, with a huge following of 283k people on Instagram, recently faced the brunt of such scrutiny online. Tupi has been known to share incredible travel photos on Instagram that could make anyone envy her, but turns out there is way lot of editing that goes behind the gorgeous pictures she uploads on her social media. Instagram Influencer Exposed by Sister, Reveals Her 'Hike' Photos Were Taken in the Backyard (Tweet Goes Viral). 

She recently went viral after "Social media industry commentator + consultant", Matt Navarra noticed that suspiciously the same cloud appeared in her photos wherever in the world she went to. "This travel 'influencer' spookily has the same clouds in every photo," said Matt Navarra cheekily in one of his tweets where he made a collage of Tupi's picture that show the same pattern of clouds on all her pictures. Bali’s Famous Tourist Spot ‘Gates of Heaven’ Is Not How It Looks on Instagram! Tweet Revealing the Truth Behind the Reflection Goes Viral.

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As soon as the tweet went viral, netizens filled the micro-blogging space with hilarious responses. While some called her out, some didn't care enough. Whereas, some people went ahead to find out more edits on her picture.

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However, it is not like Tupi Saravia isn't in a mood to accept any of these allegations. She confessed to BuzzFeed News after the photos went viral that she never tried to hide about her photoshopping the pictures. "I used an app called Quickshot to help the composition of the photograph when the sky is burned or overexposed. They (followers) were always aware of this because I never hide it. I always tell (them) the apps I use," Tupi Saravia said.

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