Don't believe anything and everything that you see on Instagram. Although the photo-sharing application has thousands of influencers posting amazing and jealous-worthy content, they all may not be real. A sister of an influencer recently exposed her sister faking 'hike' pictures on her feed. Casey Sosnowki, recently put up a picture of herself dressed in athletic gear amidst some trees and an inspirational caption. She wanted to show she was out on a hike, enjoying in nature, but that was until her sister exposed the reality to everyone. Casey's sister put up pictures stating they were taken in the backyard! The public exposure of the faked picture is now going viral. So much so, the Casey Sosnowki, not only took down the picture but also made her account private.

Casey's sister Carly Sosnowki exposed the 'staged' shot that was taken in their backyard. She posted pictures of the photoshoot that was taking place in the yard and people are left laughing at it. She also posted the picture that Casey uploaded on her Instagram, more like giving a behind-the-scenes of the photo. The tweet started a fun banter on Twitter. Bali’s Famous Tourist Spot ‘Gates of Heaven’ Is Not How It Looks on Instagram! Tweet Revealing the Truth Behind the Reflection Goes Viral.

Check Tweet Exposing an Influencer's Fake Hike Pictures: 

The photo is going viral with over 40,000 retweets and 274,000 likes. Some users commented how this is the reason why they never believe anything on the gram. Meanwhile, Casey herself gave a very literal reply, "I feel personally attacked."

Check Casey's Reply to Her Sister's Tweet:

People pitied how some people would do anything to get likes on their pictures. Check some of the reactions on the sister's exposure to reality.

That's a big backyard! 

Lie Detector

What creature is this?

What the tweet exchanges look like

Don't believe the gram!

Meanwhile, some people wondered why a sister would do this for her own sister but looks like it has worked in favour nonetheless. But we are not sure, if anyone will believe anything about Carly's 'influencing' again. This is a good enough proof that whatever you see on the internet is not true.

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