Twitterati Share Their Hilarious ‘Rahul Bose Moment’, After Video of the Actor Ranting JW Marriott’s Bill for Two Bananas Goes Viral (Read Tweets)
Rahul Bose Moment (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ @RahulBose1/ @rahulroushan/ @BabuSaheb90/ @greatbong/ Twitter)

Indian film actor, Rahul Bose has recently made the headlines. This time not for his superb acting skills, but for a hotel bill that was extremely shocking for the entire nation. So, the actor was in Chandigarh for a shoot, where he happened to check-in at JW Marriott. In the video, he said that after his working out session, he called for two bananas. Well, the bananas came with Rs 442 bill. This left the actor stunned. Now after Bose’s viral video, Twitterati is also sharing similar incidents they have experienced, referring hilariously to “Rahul Bose Moment.” Rahul Bose Rants About JW Marriott, Chandigarh Charging Rs 442 for Two Bananas in Viral Video, Twitter is Aghast. 

Paying too extra for very basic food, is not really new in India. Especially, if you are a frequent traveller, you know how much the price for food items at the Airport angers you. However, overpriced items are not only limited to airports. Many restaurants and hotels, for their exquisite very basic cuisine charge insanely high. And that is what Twitterati’s experiences talk about. While some had paid about Rs 120 for one masala papad, others were charged Rs 800 and more for Dosa. The “Rahul Bose Moment,” as they are being referred to, has a shocking list.

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Dosa for Rs 800? Seriously?

When in Airport, Go on a Hunger Strike, Rather!

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We, Get It!

Reverse Rahul Bose Moment

Meanwhile, following Bose’s viral video, the Chandigarh Deputy Commissioner and Excise and Taxation Commissioner Mandip Singh Brar has reportedly ordered a probe into the matter. As per India Today, Singh has directed officials to check how the hotel had charged GST on fresh fruits. And in case if found guilty, they will have to face strict action, under the law.