Uber Driver Waits With 2 Women for 1.5 Hours at Midnight After Dropping Them As Gate to Their House Was Closed
Uber (Photo Credits: ANI)

New Delhi, October 15: While the #MeToo movement gathering pace over the last fortnight, there are few who have been preserving the essence of humanity despite all odds. An Uber cab driver, who dropped a woman and her mother at 1 AM in the night, waited for nearly 1.5 hours with them as a gate to their residence was shut. A woman named Priyashmita Guha took to microblogging site Twitter to thank the Uber driver for being so considerate.

Guha expressed her gratitude to Santosh and said that she and her mother were eternally grateful to him for having waited with them at that hour of the night. Uber Driver Threatens Kolkata Singer With Rape For Objecting to Use of Mobile Phone During Driving. 

On her Twitter handle, @priyashmita, she wrote, “Hey @Uber_India, wanted to tell you about your driver Santosh. Last night the place we were staying had its gate was closed. It was 1 AM. He refused to let us go and waited for 1.5 hours till we got in. Kudos to him. Mom and I eternally grateful”.

Guha stated that the cab driver also refused to take the next ride and told the passenger that he couldn’t leave them alone on a lonely road. The cab driver restores faith in humanity and sets an example for every one of us. The driver could have easily driven away but went beyond his call of duty as a cab driver and stayed with the two women.