Video of Man Using Toughest Words From English Dictionary During 2018 Cameroon Elections Go Viral And Internet Wonders if he is Shashi Tharoor's Teacher
Man speaking in tough English goes viral (Photo Credits: Awesome Stuff YouTube)

If you have set Kerala MP Shashi Tharoor's speeches and tweets as the yardstick to check how good your English vocabulary is, then you should probably listen to this! Video of an African man speaking in English has left the internet baffled. After watching the funny video, some have started doubted their English speaking skills. The YouTube video is titled, "World's Toughest Words in Dictionary Spoken by African Guy for Cameroon Elections 2018." He uses some of the most unknown, longest and toughest English words from the dictionary while speaking, and internet users couldn't understand a thing. As the video which was shot during Cameroon Elections 2018 went viral, people tweeted asking if he was Thiruvananthapuram MP Tharoor's teacher. Tharoor is known as Twitter's English teacher as he uses uncommon words to convey day-to-day messages.

The man also talks about a 45-letter word in the video. Some of the words that have left the internet scratching their heads are sardonic, opprobrious, malevolent, contumelious, erroneous and lugubrious. While the video is a year old, his barrage of words continues to be shared widely on social media leaving the internet perplexed. Recently, the video surfaced online after Twitter user Dinesh Akula  tweeted the video with the caption, "Many decided not to speak #english after listening to this gentleman."

Here is The Tweet:

Watch The YouTube Video Below:

As the video went viral, various reactions filled the comments section. One of the comments read, Is he @ShashiTharoor 's English teacher?" while another reads, "Probably the classmate of @ShashiTharoor". Many funny reactions continue to pour in for the video. Social media users looked quite curious to know where the man learned the language from. While some are impressed by his amazing English vocabulary, others questioned how he communicates to people on a daily basis.