Video of Suited Man Piggyback off a Woman in Flooded New Jersey Train Station Goes Viral! Check Funny Reactions
Video of suited man piggyback off a woman in flooded New jersey train (Photo Credits: Twitter/ ashhmaas)

A video from a flooded train station in New Jersey wherein a woman can be seen giving a suit-wearing man a piggyback ride is going viral. It seems like the man doesn't want his shoes to get wet and therefore the woman plans to help the man out by giving him a piggyback ride out of the train station. The video is making people laugh on Twitter, however, the woman is also being appreciated for her courteous act. The video is said to have been shot at a train station in Short Hills, New Jersey on Thursday when thunderstorms brought flooding to the subway. A suited man can be seen holding an umbrella, standing at the bottom of the stairs. He can be seen looking at the floodwater when suddenly a woman appears and within seconds carries him piggyback to his train. Not just the onlookers, but the video capturing the act has won hearts all over Twitter as well. The video shot by Ashley Maas, a video producer at The New Yorker magazine is going viral and people are coming up with different reactions. Man Climbs 19-Storey Building to Escape Fire in West Philadelphia Apartment! Watch Shocking Viral Video.

Ashley Maas' tweet caption read: Got off the train in Short Hills and witnessed this "rich person" gem.

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The video has been receiving all sorts of comments, right from the funny to people being absolutely shocked. But the most common comment was: "Who says chivalry is dead?"