Viral Pakistani Girl Nivya Navora from Asia Cup 2018 Reveals Her Real Identity! Watch Video Interview in Which She Talks About Her Name & Fame
Rizla Rehan from Pakistan went viral (Photo credits: Twitter)

Cricket is no less than a religion for Indians and if there is something that gets the most anticipation that any other cricket match, it is the one between India and Pakistan. All patriotism comes to show in that one day when India and Pakistan compete against each other on the cricket ground. And the sheer love for the sport, it goes beyond being just a game, there are also emotions. But during the Asia Cup, India vs Pakistan match, it was another factor which rose the emotions this time. A beautiful Pakistani girl who was spotted by the camera, struck hearts of many Indian fans too. As per some media reports,  her name is Navya Navora. But now her real identity, what she does and how did she feel after getting viral has all been revealed. Pakistani Beauty Navya Narora vs Pretty Indian Spectator, Twitter at War After India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2018 Clash. 

In the age of social media, getting viral is not really challenge, and also to trace that person down. This girl's pictures started trending on the internet, some funny jokes too were made on her, the guys especially were floored with her beauty. She has given an interview with News18 in which she revealed her name and also what she is doing currently. Her real name is Rizla Rehan and she did not even think in her wildest dreams she would become so famous. Pakistan Cricket Fan Who Sang Indian National Anthem Plans to Do This During India vs Pakistan, Asia Cup 2018 Super Four Match. 

Watch Video interview of Viral Pakistani Girl

Rizla is originally from Pakistan and she is settled in Dubai for the last few years. After Pakistan lost to India, she was disappointed and had no clue about she being caught on cameras. She said, "I did not know I was captured on camera during the match. I came home after watching the match, disappointed that Pakistan had lost when a friend sent me a message with my picture titled, India nay match jeeta hai liya lekin Pakistan nay dil jeet liya hai (India won the match but Pakistan won hearts). I thought nothing of it and that my friends were joking." She is married and her husband too, told her to enjoy her few minutes to fame.

Well, now she knows she is famous and she too loves India and would want to visit here. She also revealed that she may not be the biggest fan of the sport but she just went to cheer for the sport. Well, Rizla sure got some more cheer from everyone on the internet.