Woman Screams After Spotting Snake in Parking Lot, Turns Out to be a Hair Extension! Funny Post Goes Viral
Snake in parking lot is a hair extension (Photo Credits: Facebook)

If you are someone who has ophiophobia or a terrible fear of snakes, then seeing anything slithering around can arise panic. Spotting a snake in general also instils fear among most people. The first reaction is always panic and that's what happened to a woman named Fathima Dawood who saw a snake in the parking lot recently. She screamed at the thought of the slithering reptile following her, but only to realise, it wasn't a snake at all! It was a braided weave of hair that was lying in the parking lot, which looked a lot like a snake. She has shared the funny incident on her Facebook and the post is now going viral. Ssscary Kiss! Brisbane Woman Wakes up To Find a Python Hissing Right Next to Her.

Fathima Dawood wrote a funny caption to her post, attaching the picture of the weave, which does look like a snake after all. She mentioned how she screamed at the first sight thinking its a snake and even caused fear among another old lady. She added that if anyone has lost their braided weave it is lying in the parking lot in one piece. Some netizens are, however, laughing at the funny incident, sharing the post, making it go viral. Snake in Toilet! Python Slithers into Indian-Style Commode; Mumbai Resident Faints After Spotting It.

Check The Lady's Post on Snake in Parking Lot:

While some people sympathized with the woman, others were left laughing in the comments. One of the users wrote, "you made my day." Someone else commented, "I can’t stop laughing. I know I would have screamed myself. But this is very funny." Some people also said something similar has happened with them too. Well, if you look at the picture, it very much does look like a snake.

While this incident is funny, something scary happened back in December 2018 when a husband mistook his wife's new stockings for real snake. And in order to hit them, he used a baseball bat which severely injured the wife's foot. The incident served a warning to woman, to choose their outfits with care.