A woman in Brisbane received a wake-up call that would be someone's worst nightmare come true. Sally Stent felt some licks on her forehead and he kept brushing it away. But when the licking continued she opened her eyes and saw a snake staring right into her face! A two-metre python entered the woman's bedroom and wrapped itself around the bedside table. It then leaned on over her bed where she slept. Australian Woman Finds 4-Metre-Long Python Next to Bed Apparently Wanting to Eat Her! Rescues Herself, Watch Shocking Video.

The snake was just a couple of centimetres away from her face when she got up. A creepy experience like this can get one's heart thudding with fear but Stent as much as she was shocked, she did not shiver with fear. "Growing up in the bush I guess you pretty quickly work out if it's a dangerous one or not and I knew it wasn't dangerous," she said to a report in Sunrise. "It wasn't scary it was just shocking, I was like 'okay, that's not meant to be there' and it took a while to sort of get myself together," she added. Woman’s ‘Snake Stockings’ Mistaken for Real Snakes, Husband Beats Her with a Baseball Bat (See Pic).

Stent somehow managed to escape from the unwanted guest and sealed off the python in her bedroom. She went to the kitchen, made herself some tea to calm down to the situation. She then called for help. Her father came up to help but when he went into the room he could not see the snake. He thought she was joking. But the snake catchers came in, they managed to locate and remove the unwelcome guest. According to them, the python must have come in from her bathroom window. He must have eaten and came in to rest in a warm place. Unfortunately, it turned out to be Sally Stent's bed.

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