PAK beat AFG by 3 wickets | Afghanistan vs Pakistan Live Cricket Score Super Four - 2 ODI Match

Asia Cup, 2018

Date: Sep 21, 2018 Start Time: 17:00 IST | 11:30 GMT | 15:30 Local
Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
257/6 Overs: 50.0
258/7 Overs: 49.3
Pakistan beat Afghanistan by 3 wickets

Afghanistan vs Pakistan Live Cricket Score - Super Four - 2 ODI Match - Summary

End of Over : 49.3 PAK: 258/7

So that is it from this game! Pakistan have come out victorious by just though. Also, India have toppled Bangladesh quite comfortably in the other one. The Super Four stage however continues as we have mouth-watering contests on Sunday. Afghanistan will be taking on Bangladesh whereas India will lock horns with Pakistan. Both will begin at 1530 Local (1130 GMT). Till then, goodbye and take care.

49.3 4

FOUR! All over, PAKISTAN WIN BY 3 WICKETS! Malik has done it. Alam delivers it full and on middle, Shoaib gets across the stumps and whips it behind backward square leg for the winning runs. He also brings up his 42nd ODI fifty with that shot! He is a man for the crisis for Pakistan. Sarfraz in the dressing room screams in joy, Hasan is all pumped up. The batsmen hug each other in the middle. Some sad Afghanistan players in tears. Aftab Alam is down on his haunches, he is absolutely gutted and Malik is seen consoling him. Great gesture. Commiseration, Afghanistan. Congratulations, Pakistan. The crowd is going bonkers. Excellent scenes. Let me slip in a cliched line - Cricket is the real winner.

49.2 6

SIX! That's colossal! Alam drags his length short and lands it on middle, Malik turns inside the crease and rockets it over square leg for a biggie. This is experience for you. What a player! 4 needed off 4 balls.

49.1 0

Well bowled. Too full in length and outside off, Malik drives it straight to covers and sends Hasan back who was eyeing a single.

End of Over : 49 8 Runs PAK: 248/7
48.6 0

Play and a miss! A wrong 'un landing outside off, and spinning back in a touch, Ali attempts for the slog sweep but fails to connect. That wasn't far away from the off pole. 8 runs off Rashid's final over along with a wicket. 10-0-46-3, his figures tonight.

48.5 0

Flatter and on off, skidding through, Ali tries to cut but misses.

48.4 6

SIX! Hasan Ali has dismissed it. Wow, what a clean strike. A flighted full ball around off, Ali goes down on one knee and muscles it over mid-wicket for a biggie.

48.3 W

OUT! Boom! Rashid, you superstar! He sends it flat and quicker through the air. It lands around leg and scoots through off the surface. Nawaz tries to power it across the line but misses to find his stumps disturbed. 16 needed off 9 balls.

48.2 1

Dances down the track to a full ball and heaves it over mid-wicket. Only a single.

48.1 1

Quicker one around middle and leg, Nawaz swings and gets it away through square leg for a run.

End of Over : 48 11 Runs PAK: 240/6
47.6 1

Finds the yorker around middle and leg, Nawaz tries to flick but gets an inside edge onto the pads. It rolls on the off side and they cross. 11 from the over, 18 more needed off 12 balls.

47.5 6

SIX! This was on the cards! Alam was getting a bit predictable with his slower ones. As soon as he drops it short, Nawaz attacks it with all his power and sends it packing over wide long on. An 82m hit!

47.4 1

Fine yorker, hitting the blockhole, no room for the batsman to free his arms. Malik digs it out at the last moment. It hits him on the pads before deflecting on the off side and they steal a single.

47.3 2

Too full in length and outside off, Malik drives it to deep cover and takes a brace.


As India battles it out against Bangladesh for the Super 4 match in Dubai at the Asia Cup 2018, Afghanistan and Pakistan will play another interesting contest in Abu Dhabi. Afghanistan, who put up an amazing show against Bangladesh enter the contest with utmost confidence.

Asghar Afghan’s team won the game very convincingly by 136 runs and team Bangladesh collapsed like a pack of cards. Rashid Khan, Mujeeb-ur-Rahman, Gulbadin Naib clinched a couple of wickets each. Aftab Alam, Mohammad Nabi and Rahmat Shah got one wicket each. Pakistan, on the other hand, drew sharp criticism from several cricketing stalwarts like Wasim Akram, for their haphazard performance against India would look to make a comeback with the game.

Pakistan lost to India by 8 wickets and looked out of the place. The only two big scorers in Pakistan were Shoaib Malik and Babar Azam. The team had a day to sort out their combinations. Let’s check out the squads of the team:


Pakistan Squad: Sarfraz Ahmed (c), Fakhar Zaman, Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Amir, Shadab Khan, Imam ul Haq, Shan Masood, Babar Azam, Asif Ali, Haris Sohail, Mohammad Nawaz, Fahim Ashraf, Hasan Ali, Junaid Khan, Usman Shinwari and Shaheen Afridi.

Afghanistan Squad: Mohammad Shahzad(w), Ihsanullah Janat, Rahmat Shah, Asghar Afghan(c), Hashmatullah Shahidi, Mohammad Nabi, Najibullah Zadran, Gulbadin Naib, Rashid Khan, Aftab Alam, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, Javed Ahmadi, Samiullah Shenwari, Munir Ahmad, Sayed Shirzad, Sharafuddin Ashraf