AFG beat SL by 91 runs | Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka Live Cricket Score 3rd ODI Match

Asia Cup, 2018

Date: Sep 17, 2018 Start Time: 17:00 IST | 11:30 GMT | 15:30 Local
Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
249/10 Overs: 50.0
158/10 Overs: 41.2
Afghanistan beat Sri Lanka by 91 runs

Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka Live Cricket Score - 3rd ODI Match - Summary

End of Over : 41.2 SL: 158/10

So Afghanistan make a strong statement by beating a team like Sri Lanka. Their impressive rise in international cricket is such an inspirational story. Sri Lanka, on the other hand, need to dig in deep, identify and rectify their short comings and mistakes that they are repeating. They need to find some inspiration from their past victories and achievements of their former heroes. Tomorrow, we are all set to witness India taking on Hong Kong in their first game of the tournament. India, without their captain Kohli, will be keen to perform well and prove that they are not a one-man army. Hong Kong will look to come up with a contest and give a hard time to the Asian giants. We eagerly await the exciting contest to start tomorrow at 1530 local (1130 GMT). Till then take care, good bye, stay healthy and most importantly, have fun. Until tomorrow, its adios from our side.

41.2 W

OUT! As plumb as it can get! The middle of middle stump is where the ball would have smashed into, as per the Hawk Eye. Rashid Khan unveils his magic as he fires this very full in the line of the stumps. Malinga tries to sweep across the line towards the mid-wicket area. But the Sri Lankan pacer gets beaten in flight and pace. The ball sneaks under his bat and raps him on the pads. They appeal and the finger has gone up. The Sri Lankan innings has capitulated here and the ever-impressive Afghanistan start their 2018 Asia Cup campaign with a thumping 91-run win.

41.1 1

Chameera gets behind this delivery on off and dabs it to the off side for a run.

End of Over : 41 1 Runs SL: 157/9
40.6 1

A length ball around off is taped into the point region for a single.

40.5 0

Banged in again by Naib and a similar response there from Chameera.

40.4 0

Bumper time. Naib trying to intimidate the batsman but Chameera has nothing doing as he ducks under that one easily.

40.3 0

Variation in length. Some chin music for the new batsman, he lets that bouncer through to the wicket-keeper.

40.2 W

OUT! The death rattle! Naib delivers the knockout blow in all likelihood. He takes out Perera with a slower length ball around off, angling in from around the wicket. Perera tries to deposit the ball into the mid-wicket stand but he completely loses his shape and balance. The ball goes under his bat and crashes into the wooden sticks behind. Just the lone wicket remaining now. Can Afghanistan finish this off quickly?

40.1 0

Naib dishes this out a bit wide of off. Perera tries to reach at it but misses as the ball is collected by Shahzad behind.

End of Over : 40 3 Runs SL: 156/8
39.6 1

A full ball is driven through covers for a single.

39.5 1

The batsman waits for the ball to arrive and guides it towards the third man region with an open bat face. One run added to the total.

39.4 0

Malinga looking to hit this one through the off side gets an inside edge and the ball hits him on the pads. No run.

39.3 1

A fuller length ball is driven confidently towards mid on and the batsmen cross over for a quick single. Every run counts.

39.2 0

Perera has punched the ball off the back foot.