ENG beat AUS by 28 runs | England vs Australia Live Cricket Score One-off I T20 Match

Australia in England, Only T20 International, 2018

Date: Jun 27, 2018 Start Time: 23:00 IST | 17:30 GMT | 18:30 Local
Venue: Edgbaston, Birmingham
221/5 Overs: 20.0
193/10 Overs: 19.4
England beat Australia by 28 runs

England vs Australia Live Cricket Score - One-off I T20 Match - Summary

End of Over : 19.4 AUS: 193/10

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19.4 W

OUT! It's all over. Australia go home empty-handed. They have lost yet another game to England. Liam bowls a cross-seam back of a length delivery on middle and off, the batsman goes after it from his crease but only manages to slice it in the air. The ball lobs to Morgan who runs in from the cover region in and takes an easy catch. England win by 28 runs!

19.3 6

SIX! Whoops! A rare full ball for Billy and he swings it out of the park over the mid-wicket fence.

19.2 0

Third short ball in a row. Billy goes for the hook only to miss it.

19.2 1

Wide! Another short ball but this one goes too high. Wide signalled by the umpire.

19.1 0

Bumper! Billy ducks under it and lets it be.

End of Over : 19 9 Runs AUS: 186/9
18.6 1

Full outside off, Billy does well to guide it to backward point. One run added.

18.5 1

Fullish around middle and off, driven to covers for a single.

18.4 W

OUT! But he couldn't continue with his fun for long. Similar line and length from Willey, Tye swings again but this time the height is more than the distance. Liam Plunkett at long on settles himself and takes a jumping catch near the boundary line. He is a big man and using his height well. End is nigh for Australia.

18.3 6

SIX! Tye is having some fun it seems. A full ball in his slot, he swings his bat with all his might and hits it straight down the ground for a maximum.

18.2 0

Just inside the tramline and evades the swinging blade of Tye.

18.1 1

Swepson looks to clear his right leg to make some room. He gets a length ball on middle and leg. He gets it down the ground and changes strike.

End of Over : 18 4 Runs AUS: 177/8
17.6 2

Full in the line of stumps, Tye does well to dig it out to the mid on region. Two runs added to the total.

17.5 1

Driven towards the mid off region by Swepson. The batsmen have run through for a single.

17.4 0

No hat-trick. That ball has taken the inside edge of the batsman and thudded into his pads.