IND beat AUS by 31 runs | India vs Australia Live Cricket Score 1st Test Match

Border-Gavaskar Trophy, 2018/19

Date: Dec 06, 2018 Start Time: 05:30 IST | 00:00 GMT | 10:30 Local
Venue: Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
1st Inn - 250/10(88.0) 2nd Inn - 307/10(106.5)
1st Inn - 235/10(98.4) 2nd Inn - 291/10(119.5)
India beat Australia by 31 runs

India vs Australia Live Cricket Score - 1st Test Match - Summary

End of Over : 119.5 AUS: 291/10

Right then. What a heart-throbbing or a heartbreaking end to this Test match - depending on which side you are on. Sets up the rest of the series nicely. India are still favourites to win the series but the Aussies' second innings effort showed that they might just stretch the tourists a bit. How much will this drain both sides? The second Test is not far away, scheduled to start on Friday, December 14, 2018 in Perth at 10.20 am local (0220 GMT). Will be interesting to watch, especially the beginning. Do join us for that. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

119.5 W

OUT! Caught at second slip! INDIA HAVE WON! Kohli is pumped up. The entire playing XI is pumped up. Or the playing XIII? Because Jadeja and Vihari are in the field as well. Full and outside off, Hazlewood looks to drive but gets a thick outside edge. It flies straight to Lokesh Rahul at second slip who takes it and immediately throws it up in the air in jubilation. Spare a thought for Josh Hazlewood. Spare another thought for Nathan Lyon. Ashwin does spare that thought and goes across to hug Lyon, congratulating him. Great to see such scenes. Ecstasy and disappointment along with sportsmanship. INDIA WIN BY 31 RUNS!

119.4 0

Full and around off, pushed back to the bowler.

119.3 0

The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.

119.2 0

Outside off, watchfully defended.

119.1 0

Full and around middle, Hazlewood looks to defend but gets a thick inside edge onto his pads.

End of Over : 119 8 Runs AUS: 291/9
118.6 1

Full and outside off, squeezed behind point for a run.

118.5 4

FOUR! What a shot! On a length outside off, rising steeply, Hazlewood cheekily ramps it over the slip cordon to the third man fence! Moves to 12 from 37 balls. This stand is now worth 31 after seeing off 62 balls.

118.4 1

ANOTHER EDGE! Safe again! Full and wide outside off, Lyon slashes hard but gets a thick outside edge wide of second slip towards third man. A single taken.

118.3 1

Backs away to the leg side and then runs it behind point for a run.

118.2 1

Outside off, played through point for a single. 39 more to win.

118.1 0

Outside off, played straight to point.

End of Over : 118 0 Runs AUS: 283/9
117.6 0

Outside off, played towards point.

117.5 0

Full again, outside off, blocked back to Ashwin again.