Dutee Chand Takes a Jibe at Society and Journalists After Revealing Her Homosexuality Status
Dutee Chand twitter (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Indian champion sprinted Dutee Chand won hearts of everyone when she revealed about her same-sex relationship. She is the first athlete who acknowledged homosexuality and revealed she is in a relationship with a girl from her hometown in Odisha. She also spoke how the Supreme Court's decision of legalising homosexuality gave her hope. But despite that, people still have inhibitions and try to scoop out information when something like this is revealed. Dutee Chand pointed out on Twitter taking a dig at some journalists who search for scandals in their lives.

While homosexuality was declared no more crime by decriminalising Section 377 last year, the society is not very accepting of the LGBTQ community. Dutee Chand too has faced such biases, from some family members of her girlfriend. In fact, her brave admission of being in a homosexual relationship came out after she was pressurized by the girl's family, revealed her sister Saraswati. While most people are loving and hailing Dutee Chand's opening up, she took to Twitter to talk about societal biases. ‘Dutee Chand Was Pressurised and Blackmailed’, Says Sister on Her Admission of Same-Sex Relationship.

Check Dutee Chand's Tweet on Bias and Journalists:

People on Twitter advised her to not pay heed to such people and just be strong enough. Some said her bravery and fearlessness is indeed inspiring.

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The silver medalist has been dating a girl for the past three years. While she spoke about it for the first time she mentioned that its a personal choice and should be respected. Through her tweet, she once again reiterated how media should concentrate on other things rather than scooping gossips and scandals from her life.