Chelsea’s Matt Miazga Mocks Mexico’s Diego Lainez’s Short Height During an International Friendly Football Match: Watch Video
US' Matt Miazga Mocks Mexico's Diego Lainez | File Photo (Photo Credits: Twitter @AllAboutFutbol2)

More often than not, players while playing the sport cross the thin line of being aggressive and being abruptly brash. In a recent incident in football, a United States’ defender Matt Miazga mocked the height of one of his opponent’s player as tensions boiled over. The incident happened during an international friendly between the US and Mexico.

Matt Miazga, who plays for the Chelsea football club, kicked-up a storm when he crossed the line and insulted Mexico’s teenage player, Diego Lainez, about his short height. The gestures were a clear giveaway about US’ Miazga’s intention to mock Lainez’s height.

During the gameplay, the duo of Lainez and Miazga were embroiled in a battle to get the possession of the ball. Infuriated by the tackle, the 6’4” tall Miazga got close to Lainez and gestured his hand to his chest-height, towards Lainez.

Here’s what happened between Matt Miazga and Diego Lainez in an International Friendly | Watch Funny Video:

The incident took place during the 65th minute of the gameplay and it was due to a sheer frustration that the incident occurred. Both, US and Mexico were tied at 0-0 during that point in time of the match. However, it was the US who won the match 1-0, when Tyler Adams found the net in the 71st minute.