Apple Officially Buys Music Analytics Company Asaii For $100 Million - Report
Apple (Image: PTI)

San Francisco, Oct 15: In a bid to further cement its position in the global music space, Apple has acquired "Asaii," a start-up developed music analytics engine for music labels and artist managers, the media reported on Monday. According to a report in Axios, the deal was worth nearly $100 million. Apple iPhone and Watch Devices Will Soon Track Eating Disorder Among People.

"Asaii's products collect data from music services and social media, allowing labels to discover new artists and produce a recommendation algorithm that streaming services could use to suggest music to listeners according to their preferences," the report said. Apple Users Facing Connectivity Problems and Battery Issues With New iOS 12 Update – Report.

Members of the Asaii team have already started listing themselves as Apple employees on LinkedIn. This acquisition would enable Apple to compete with Spotify's efforts to work directly with smaller artists and recommendation services like "Daily Mix" and "Discover Weekly". iPhone, iPad & Apple TV Users May Get Free Access To Apple’s Original Shows - Report.

Apple last month announced it has completed the acquisition of Shazam, one of the world's most popular music recognition mobile apps. Shazam has been downloaded over 1 billion times around the world and users identify songs using the Shazam app over 20 million times each day.