COVID-19 Symptom Checker: Reliance Jio Launches Self-Diagnostic Tool on MyJio App and, Here’s How it Works
Reliance Jio Launches COVID-19 Symptom Checker Tool (Photo Credits:

Worried you may have catch COVID-19 infection? Don't know what are the symptoms of Coronavirus? So to help you, Reliance Jio has launched a symptom checker tool for everyone in India. This tool can be found on MyJio app and on Jio's website- as well. The self-diagnosis tool comes at a time when more than 500 COVID-19 positive cases have been reported in the country. Apple Siri Now Tells You If You Have Coronavirus Symptoms or Not: Report.

On Reliance Jio's website, this feature can be accessed under the "Corona Harega" banner. Jio users can found the banner for COVID-19 symptom checker on the MyJio app. Users can also manually use this feature by clicking on "Coronavirus - Info and Tools" section. For How Many Days Do The COVID-19 Symptoms Last? Here's How Long Individuals Tested Positive for Coronavirus Remain Contagious.

How Reliance Jio COVID-19 Symptom Checker Tool Works

The tool basically asks a series of questions related to travel history and coronavirus symptoms to determine if the person may be suspected of the virus. Firstly, it asks for whom you are checking it for yourself, children, parent, spouse or someone else. Then it asks details such as gender, age group and underlying health conditions.

Yor will then be required to answer a series of questions based on COVID-10 symptoms like fever, cold, cough, shortness of breath and more. It also asks your travel history or anyone you may know.

Based on your answers, the website determines your condition. Please note that it is not an ultimate decider of whether the person has contacted coronavirus or not. If you are not feeling well, it is advised to consult a doctor.