Hubble Phone: Turing’s New Smartphone to Come With 2 X Snapdragon 855 in 2020 With a Price Tag of Rs 2 Lakh
Turing’s Hubble Phone to Come With 2 x Snapdragon 855 (Photo Credits:

Mumbai, August 1: In what is believed to be Turing's last try at smartphones, the startup will soon roll out an unbelievable dual-screen, folding smartphone worth $2,749 (approx Rs 2 Lakh). The company, Turing Robotic Industries (TRI), that builds mobile technology, has failed at a number of attempts in launching a smartphone. TRI's first product that was released was 'The Turing Phone'. One of the reasons for its failure can be attributed to the company’s filing for bankruptcy earlier this year. The company states that the phone would be priced at $2,749 which would cost Rs 1,87,857.59 in India.

Despite all the hurdles, Turing recently unveiled the Hubble Phone (named after the Hubble space telescope). It’s called the Turing HubblePhone with three screens and the hardware is believed to run on the yet unannounced Snapdragon 855. According to a report by Tech The Lead, the smartphone comes with three screens and is believed to be really very expensive. The report further adds that it will arrive sometime in the faraway future of 2020.

Turing said the Hubble Phone will be powered by two Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processors, but it is yet to announced by Qualcomm. The firm said it was able to get its hands on Snapdragon 855 reference designs thanks to its close relationship with Foxconn.

The smartphone comes with a screen what Turing calls a ‘multi-dimensional’ screen as it basically has a primary screen with a secondary display. The report states that the phone would revolve around a 60-megapixel main camera. The company states the camera would come with a 12MP dual variable aperture one and another 12MP one on the upper deck. Talking about the battery, the phone will come with two batteries — one main 3,300mAh battery and one 2,800mAh battery.

Reports inform that the screens is believed to be 3 AMOLED capacitive touchscreen displays and measure 5.44-inches with a 5.41-inch for the top deck and 11.81-inch for the main deck. The HubblePhone is a flip phone and the photos show that along with the display, the phone looks like it has a number of cameras. The company has claimed that the camera system will allow people to do things like making a call by mouthing the name of the contact.