OnePlus 6T Smartphone Will Have Screen Unlock Feature, Announces CEO Pete Lau
OnePlus CEO Pete Lau (Photo Credit: Smartprix)

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau finally confirmed the implementation of the in-display fingerprint scanner, which the company calls ‘Screen Unlock’. The tweet by the CEO contains a link to the OnePlus forum, where he describes various aspects of the Screen Unlock technology and the efforts taken to make it better, faster and more reliable. With the OnePlus 6T launch imminent this month, fans are truly waiting for the company’s newly upgraded smartphone. Google Pixel 3 Series Likely to Feature Active Edge Display Suggests the New Teaser; Watch the Video Here.

Pete Lau, CEO of Oneplus start off his post with the introduction of the new feature, which he wrote "I am thrilled to share the story behind a new feature we have been developing for over a year. A tremendous amount of time and effort has gone into pioneering an in-display fingerprint sensor powerful enough to forever change the way you interact with your phone. We call it Screen Unlock." New OnePlus 6T Teaser Again Hints In-Display Fingerprint Scanner - Watch Video.

He further reveals that they were planning to bring in this feature in the last year’s OnePlus 5T device, but couldn’t do so due to the need for more refinement to the technology. The CEO of the Chinese smartphone was quite open to share his decisions in the past and give reasons to why he did. Pete Lau expressed it by writing: "Screen Unlock has been in development for a long time. We first tried to implement it on the OnePlus 5T. Early prototypes featured a 1st generation optical fingerprint module. Though much larger in size than the 2nd generation model found on the OnePlus 6T, it struggled to hit a consistently high recognition rate. We attempted to compensate for the unreliable module through intelligent software optimizations. But, after numerous tests, we concluded our in-display fingerprint sensor wasn’t ready to deliver the speed and reliability our users deserved. With the help of our community, we created two unlock methods that led the industry for speed and convenience – a record-setting fingerprint sensor and our acclaimed Face Unlock feature. Now, after continuous testing and refining, we are finally ready to share Screen Unlock with the world." Mi A1 Xiaomi’s First Android One Device Explodes While Charging.

The post also shared details about the Screen Unlock feature and how they have achieved to make it faster for their customers. The CEO later stressed on how much of a difference it would make to the current in-display fingerprint scanner available in the market. OnePlus CEO, says that the fingerprint module behind the screen has been optimised with several software algorithms and hardware components to be well suited on the OnePlus 6T. The new Screen Unlock technology uses Trust Zone found on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset to store the fingerprint data, which serves as an isolated virtual space for the sake of confidentiality and safety. Instagram Down Globally, Users Unable to Refresh Feed or Log In; Outage Comes Days After Facebook Hack.

Pete Lau then ended the post by thanking its fans, "We believe innovation is about pushing the limits of technology together with our users. This is the OnePlus way. Thank you for guiding us in creating an experience that is at once fast, intuitive, and convenient. I cannot wait for you to experience Screen Unlock on the OnePlus 6T!"