Bermuda Triangle Mystery is Solved According to Scientists! Know What Caused Many Ships and Humans to Disappear
Bermuda Triangle mystery (Photo credits: Pixabay, Myriams-Fotos)

The Bermuda Triangle, a region of the North Atlantic has got its name as the Devil's Triangle, following the mysterious disappearances at this spot. The infamous ocean spreads for about 700,000 square km (270,271 square miles) between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto-Rico. Many ships and humans have disappeared in this ocean, giving it a notorious image. Movies and documentaries have been made on this place exploring paranormal to even extraterrestrial references associated to it. And finally, scientists have apparently made a breakthrough in solving the mystery. Scientists agree there is something big here, but before you think of a monster or something, it is just waves!

There are no paranormal activities claiming lives but a very natural phenomenon- big sea waves. Experts from the University of Southampton believe the rogue waves- which can go up to 1000 feet high have caused the disappearances. An oceanographer from the University, Simon Boxall said, "There are storms to the south and north, which come together. And if there are additional ones from Florida, it can be a potentially deadly formation of rogue waves." These large waves can easily break even huge boats.

The group measured the waves and made a model of USS Cyclops, one of the vessels which has gone missing from the Bermuda Triangle, claiming about 300 lives. He further said that these rogue waves can damage and break the USS Cyclops like boats in two! Also, ships like these had a flat bottom and other design flaws, that could not sustain even 50 feet high waves. The National Ocean Service, a part of the NOAA also agreed to the explanation and said the mystery if at all is anything, is a natural or environmental cause. "Environmental considerations could explain many, if not most, of the disappearances," the agency had said.

There have been many theories in the past about this spot and one of them states that there's an underwater volcano there. From the samples of the water, it was revealed there is magnetite, a magnetic material occurring in the Earth. On testing with a compass, the needle swindled around. So it is the natural phenomenon that is responsible for these strong waves which have taken lives.