End of World Possibilities Expressed as People See Huge Fireball in Australian Skies, Watch Video
The Fireball seen in Perth's night sky (Photo credits: Twitter/FireballsSky)

The search for aliens is on and scientists are working hard to find any possible clues of life outside our planet. But some people in Australia's Perth were convinced the invasion is near after they spotted a massive fireball in the night sky recently. Skywatchers across Western Australia saw an incredible fireball on Tuesday night (August 28), and many even filmed the spectacle on their phones. And with the videos uploaded on social media, people started discussing the possibilities of alien invasion to the end of the world. The Perth Observatory expressed that it was just a meteorite.

The meteor was about 1.6 feet (50 centimeters) across entering Earth's atmosphere as informed by the observatory. And since many people have filmed the fireball, scientists will study and find more information about the meteor including if there are any remains fallen on the land. Perseid Meteor Shower 2018: US' Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve Will Give You a Spectacular View of the Celestial Event! 

Take a look at the video of fireball spotted in Australia's night sky:

Here's another picture of the Fireball:

It sure looks scary with its size. People frantically called the Perth Observatory reporting about what they just saw. Some other people said they heard a loud thud rattling some houses, thus scaring them even more. Rare Diamonds Dating Back to 4.5 Billion Years Found Inside Meteorite That Crashed on Earth Ten Years Ago. 

Check out how people reacted on Twitter:


End of the world predictions came in. 

While some panicked too much, others called it beautiful. But now scientists are at work to know all about it. Scientists from Curtin University's Fireballs in the Sky team will follow up on this and also look at the footage and pictures shared by people on Twitter to know exactly about this.