Strawberry Moon 2019 Graces Skies; Know Date and Time of June's Full Moon in Different Parts of World, View Pics!
Strawberry moon pics (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The night of June 16 saw another beautiful celestial event called Strawberry Moon. The full moon of the month of June is called Strawberry Moon but if you are thinking of a bright pink strawberry up in the sky then it is not so. Not just the moon but for others with a keen eye for planetary sights could also spot fellow planets like Jupiter. Those who spotted the beautiful bright satellite last night have also posted some pictures on social media. Pink Moon 2019: Gorgeous Full Moon Graces Skies Across the World on Good Friday, Check Pics And Videos.

Date and Time of Strawberry Moon

While some parts of the world saw the Strawberry moon last night, in some parts of the world, it is still rising. In the Eastern Time Zone of the United States, that will happen at 4.30am Monday, June 17. On the West Coast with Pacific Time, the peak will be 1.30am.

The Strawberry moon has different names in other parts of the world. In Europe, it is called the Honey Moon, Mead Moon or the Full Rose Moon. While in the Southern Hemisphere, it can be referred to as Oak Moon, Cold Moon or Long Night Moon. The name Strawberry Moon comes from the Old Farmer's Almanac. In North America, Algonquin tribes of Native Americans gave the name to the moon because the full moon was their sign to harvest wild strawberries. Flower Moon 2018: All You Need to Know About the Full Moon of May and Why it is Called So?

Here are Some Pics of the Strawberry Moon: 

A warm tinge to the full moon 

A beautiful reflection of the moon

Moon and Jupiter Side by Side

These are some of the pictures that have been captured from different parts of the world. Every month there is a full moon occurrence and each one has a particular name.