Super Snow Moon 2019 Pictures: Check First Glimpses of The Biggest Supermoon of The Year
Super Snow Moon 2019 pictures (Photo Credits: Twitter/MysteryChick71 and Twitter/tina_araneta)

It is a big event for the stargazing and Astro enthusiasts as the biggest supermoon of the year, termed as Super Snow Moon appears in the night skies tonight. The Super Snow Moon 2019 will grace the night skies of February 19 and lovers of the moon all around the globe can witness the lovely satellite as it gets closer to the planet. Some people who have already got their eyes on the Super Snow Moon 2019 have shared pictures of the same on social media. The moon clearly looks like a white bright ball as it shines in the night sky tonight. Pictures of the Super Snow Moon 2019 are being shared on Twitter and if you haven't been able to see the moon yet in your area, we have got you covered. Super Snow Moon 2019 Date and Timings in India: Know All About The Biggest Supermoon of the Year.

The Super Snow Moon will last close to 7 hours. The peak of the full moon will occur for 6 hours 50 minutes to be precise. When the moon is at its closest to the earth in its orbit it is called as the Supermoon. Today's moon is called the Super Snow Moon because it is the season of winter in many regions and there is snowfall in several places. Super Snow Moon 2019 Live Streaming & Time in IST: Watch Supermoon as it Appears on February 19.

Check Pictures of the Super Snow Moon 2019

Super Snow Moon From Thailand

The Moon Shines Bright

White Ball in The Sky

Magical moonlight!

We have seen the moon in many tinges of red to brown but tonight the moon looks a clear and fairer white. This celestial phenomenon is also known by different names like Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Worm Moon, Lenten Moon, Snow Moon, Hunger Moon. If you too chance upon shooting beautiful pictures of the Super Snow Moon tonight, don't forget to share them with us.