Smartphones & Internet Accountable for Changing Gadget Habits in UK; Desktop PCs Losing its Grip - Report

The consumer technology space has grown drastically over the past decade underlining the changing gadget habits of the British adults. According to a report, British adults have increased from amateur smartphone users in 2008 to today’s premium smartphone buyers. The report also underlined a conflicted relationship between British adults & internet. The report also specified that the users have now become addicted to their smartphones costing over £1k+ in comparison to the ones that were priced around £500 about ten years ago.

According to Ofcom’s 2018 Communications Market report, about 17 per cent of UK citizens owned a smartphone which now stands at 78 per cent. Moreover, teenagers from 16 to 24 year-olds have shown full 95 per cent growth. On an average, people in the UK check their smart devices every 12 minutes of waking day as per the report. Xiaomi Mi A2 Android One Smartphone Listed Online on Amazon India; Prices Revealed Ahead of Launch.

The Ofcom report also highlighted that out of 5 adults, two adults under the age of 35 look at their smartphones within 5 minutes of waking up which constitutes 40 per cent. Moreover, one-third of the adults around 37 per cent check their smartphones after the lights are turned off.

The report also highlighted that the fact that Brits are addicted to their smartphone screens. The report further underlined that about 72 per cent of adults agreed that the most important device for accessing the Internet is their screen. Moreover, 71 per cent of the users mentioned that they never turn off their phone while 78 per cent agreed that could not live without it. The average time spent online on a smartphone is 2 hours 28 minutes per day which increases in the case of teenagers to 3 hours 14 minutes. Xiaomi Mi A2 Smartphone Launching Today in India; Watch the Live Streaming & Online Telecast Here

It is also learnt from the report that Brits are emphasising more on web browsing than phone calls. The time spend on making phone calls has fallen for the first time which is 75 per cent in comparison to 92 per cent of web browsing. Ofcom also says that Desktop PC ownership has shown a drastic drop over the last decade from 69 per cent in 2008 to 28 per cent in 2018.