The mayor of a small town in Peru has been arrested after he was found lying in a coffin, pretending to be dead. The mayor did so to escape being arrested for violating the lockdown. Jaime Rolando Urbina Torres, mayor of the central Peruvian town of Tantara, had violated lockdown rules when he went out drinking with his friends earlier in the week. When the police visited his house to bust him, Torres who was drunk lay down in the coffin wearing a mask to pass off as a dead man. A pic of Torres in the coffin was clicked by one of the cops who found him and has been going viral on social media since. Reportedly, the mayor and his friends who took cover in nearby drawers when the cops reached the place, were arrested and taken to the local police station. This is not the first time that Torres has faced criticism for not taking social distancing and lockdown seriously. With over 129,751 COVID-19 cases and 3,788 deaths, Peru is the second-hardest hit country in Latin America, after Brazil, as per data released by Johns Hopkins University.