Photographs are the proof that moments can be paused and the artist behind the lens sees what others just catch a glimpse of and one such artist who is acing in the genre of photography is Qader Nazari.

Qader is one of the top photographer of Dubai who tells stories through his lens. He ventured  into the world of cameras since 2015 and is continuing to pave his path towards success.

Talking about his learnings and capabilities, Qader has excelled in Master of Photography along with PPA Certification. He's a passionate photographer who holds a strong vision for his work and progress.

This young lad possess technical photography skills with a creative bent of mind. His uniqueness is displayed in his work and behind the work is his patience, concentration and strong imagination power which leads to the creation of a masterpiece.

Qader is a multi-talented personality who builds his interest not just in photography but also in the line of blogging. He exhibits unique skills which has awarded him with the best results under his profession. Qader has prosperously achieved the title of Silver Medalist Photographer of the Year and given Certified Professional Photographer Competition Award.

Qader is working ruthlessly towards his passion which proves him undoubtedly as an excellent self.