Nobel Lectures in Economic Sciences Live Streaming: Watch Address of Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo And Michael Kremer Online
Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Mechel Kremer | (Photo Credits: Twitter/NobelPrize)

Stockholm, December 8: Nobel Prize winners Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer will deliver lectures in Economic Sciences at the Swedish Academy shortly. The official website of the Nobel Prize will host live streaming of lectures delivered by Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer. The first lecture will begin at 6:30 pm. Scroll down to watch live streaming of Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer's speeches in Economic Sciences. Abhijit Banerjee is An Ace Cook, Loves Classical Music: Mother Nirmala Spills Beans About Nobel Laureate Son.

Banerjee will deliver a lecture on the subject of field experiments and the practice of economics. His wife Duflo will share her experience in field experiments and the practice of policy. Kremer's subjects include experimentation, innovation and economics. The trio was awarded the Economics Nobel Prize in October this year for their research on how to alleviate poverty that has helped eduction of the poor in India and also revolutionised the field of development economics.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Banerjee, an alumnus of Jawaharlal Nehru University and the University of Calcutta, is the second person of Indian Origin to be awarded the prize after Amartya Sen who received it in 1988. Duflo - the second women to win the Economics Nobel and the youngest person - is the Poverty Alleviation and Development Economics Professor at MIT.