Saudi Arabia: Youth Arrested at 13, Faces Possible Death Sentence For Participating in Shiite Protests
Representational image. (Photo Credits: Max Pixel)

Dubai, June 12: Amnesty International says a young Saudi man, arrested when he was 13, could get the death sentence for taking part in protests by minority Shiites demanding greater rights. The rights group says Murtaja Qureiris, now 18, is on trial for offenses that involve taking part in protests when he was just 10, including a rally that erupted at his older brother's funeral who was killed while protesting.

Saudi prosecutors sought capital punishment for Qureiris back in 2018, but details of his case emerged after CNN reported he faces charges of joining a "terror group" and "sowing sedition." Death Sentence for 19-Year-Old Man in Rape, Murder Case.

Saudi Arabia has intensified a crackdown on critics. In April, it carried out a mass execution of 37 men, which Amnesty says included a young Shiite male arrested at 16.