UK General Elections on October 15? PM Boris Johnson Dares Jeremy Corbyn to Back Snap Polls If 'Surrender Bill' Passed
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London, September 4: During a showdown in the House of Commons on Wednesday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson threw a challenge before Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, daring him to back the mid-term snap general elections if the "surrender bill" is passed in the Parliament. By surrender bill, Johnson was referring to the legislation put forth by Labour and 21 Tory rebel MPs, seeking a further delay of the October 31 deadline imposed by the European Union to implement Brexit.

Johnson, while addressing the questions being addressed to the PM in the House, said Corbyn should explain whether he is ready to face the people's verdict or would like to prolong his "politics of dither and delay". Boris Johnson Warns MPs Against Trying to Block Brexit.

"This government will take this country out of the European Union on October 31st, and there is only one thing that stands in our way, it is the ‘surrender bill’ currently being proposed by the leader of the opposition (Corbyn)," Johnson told the House.

“Can I invite the leader of the opposition to confirm, when he stands up shortly, that if that surrender bill is passed, he will allow the people of this country to have their view on what he is proposing to hand over in their name, with an election on October the 15th," he said.

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While Corbyn did not issue a direct reply to Johnson's challenge, the Labour chief accused the Prime Minister of ducking questions related to the technicalities of his no-deal Brexit bill, which could lead to emergency-like situation in the country. In all likelihoods, there will be a shortage of essential supplies including food grains and medicine, Corbyn predicted.

Before the showdown in the House today, Corbyn said his party is ready to go to polls, but want the elections to be held only after the bill to block a no-deal Brexit is passed as a law.

'Labour Ready For General Elections'

Will UK Go to Polls on October 15?

Pundits are of the view that if Johnson fails to block the passage of "surrender bill" -- which will prevent his government to implement a no-deal Brexit -- he is expected to call upon the Queen to dissolve the Parliament. The Tory leadership has already issued the clarion call to its cadres to gear up for the October 15 snap elections.

According to recent surveys, the Tory popularity has received nearly a 17-point stimulus following the replacement of Theresa May with Boris Johnson. After projecting the Opposition parties as the major blockade towards realising 2016 Brexit referendum results, Johnson could run a charismatic campaign to galvanise the Conservative voters, experts opine.