New Delhi [India], May 17 (ANI): With the beginning of routine operations in the hospitals, the demand for blood has shot up from 50/ 60 units per day during the first three phases of lockdown, to 175/200 units, observed the Indian Red Cross Society.Voluntary blood donations have also increased relatively compared to the first few phases of lockdown, however, the dearth can be sensed well. Vanashree Singh, Director, Blood Bank, Indian Red Cross Society, National Headquarters, told ANI, "Commencing of routine surgeries will see an increased demand for blood and blood components."Most of the surgeries were postponed following govt's measures to restrain public gathering to contain the spread of the virus. Also, most of the hospitals have been dedicated for treating the deadly virus.2,900 units blood has been collected between March 25 and May 12 by the Indian Red Cross Society, Blood bank, National Headquarters.Dr Singh said, "given the lockdown scenario (which is still going on) collection of 2,900 units is okay. Since it had stopped we resumed our first camp only in April 15 in Ashok Vihar." Till recently, cases that were completely blood dependent such as thalassemia, cancer, pregnancy, were requiring the blood. However, with the start of routine operations, the demand graph for blood will escalate automatically."More voluntary blood donation will lessen human cry. Moreover, clinical use of blood and blood components are also important," observed Dr. Singh. Blood centres throughout the nation are highly dependent on voluntary blood donors from healthy individuals. Recently once again voluntary donors who were refraining from donating blood due to the pandemic has been seen standing in blood donation queues, especially from the states with reportedly lower COVID cases. Dr Singh said, "Delhi has limited areas for blood donation due to higher containment zones. Our Mumbai branch is struggling a bit. Collection plunge in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. Ahmedabad which used to collect at least 7000 units has suffered. It received only 2000 units of blood since lockdown." Following the spread of Coronavirus pandemic blood banks across the country received a jolt as many scheduled blood donation camps witnessed sudden shutdown widening the existing gap. (ANI)

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