India Golf, Turf Expo GIA and IGU Commit Towards Creating New Frontiers
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New Delhi, Apr 26 (PTI) The Indian Golf Union and Golf Industry Association Friday expressed their commitment to exploring new horizons for the sport in India.

It was the first day of India Golf & Turf Expo (IGTE) – South Asia's largest golf industry trade show.

IGU's honorary treasurer and chairman of technical rules and amateur status committee, Ishwar Achanta stressed on the revival of properties like the Indian Masters and Indian Classic.

In a bid to make golf more accessible to the general public, GIA president Deepali Shah Gandhi seconded the initiatives taken by the IGU.

She said, "The Indian Golf Union is moving on the right path and the combined efforts by GIA and IGU can make the things possible at a much faster rate.

Gandhi also suggested that "the game can be made more feasible if the army golf courses are made accessible to the civilians". PTI

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