Lucknow/Unnao, Jul 21 (PTI) Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav described the BJP as a "jhooti" party, claiming that it has made false promises to the people of the state.

He also accused the BJP government of spying on political leaders, journalists and others through Pegasus spyware.

The SP chief was speaking at an event in Unnao.

"The BJP is a 'jhooti' (liar) party and it should be removed. The BJP people triggered fights and in the recently-held panchayat elections, the party used money power. In the four-and-half years of its rule, the BJP has not built a single factory in the state. It has pushed the people to the brink of starvation," Yadav alleged.

The SP chief exuded confidence that his party would win 350 seats in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls.

Attacking the BJP government over the handling of the situation during the second wave of COVID-19, he said, "The failure of the BJP government is in front of all of us. There is a discussion about the third wave, but we don't know what preparations have been made by the BJP government."

Referring to the Pegasus spyware row, Yadav said, "The BJP has a majority in the assembly and in Parliament so why did it opt for spying? Spying is a punishable offence."

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