New Delhi, Aug 2 (PTI) In view of the upcoming Raksha Bandhan and Independence Day celebrations, power discoms in Delhi have advised people not to fly kites near electricity installations, saying metal-coated 'manja' thread may cause electrocution and tripping of the supply network.

A BSES discom spokesperson urged people to enjoy kite flying responsibly.

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"We advise residents not to fly kites near electricity installations, including overhead cables, and certainly avoid using metal-coated manja," he said.

A Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL) spokesperson also warned that metal-coated 'manjha' (string) being a good conductor of electricity can lead to tripping and even electrocution.

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According to estimates, tripping of just one 33/66 KV overhead line can disrupt power supply to over 10,000 residents of an area and tripping of a single 11 KV line to over 2,500 residents, discom spokespersons said.

"Each year, there are several instances of kite-flying related trippings.  Last year, there were 14 instances of kite-flying related trappings in BSES area," said the BSES spokesperson.

Keeping this in mind, in the run-up to the festivals, opperations and maintenance teams have been on high alert to take care of any kite-flying related contingencies, he said.

Kite flying picks up in Delhi on the occassion of festivals like Raksha Bandhan and Independence Day.

"Flying kites is customary during festivals like Raksha Bandhan and Independence Day. We urge people not to use dangerous metal-coated manja and to avoid flying kites near power lines as this leads to fatal accidents and tripping," said the TPDDL  spokesperson.

The discom has launched a social media campaign for mass sensitisation on the subject driven by its corporate mascot Roshni, he said. The BSES discom have also launched a short  video to promote safe kite flying.

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