Surat, November 5: On the occasion of Diwali, a company in Surat gifted electric scooters to its employees as a gift. "In view of increasing fuel prices and other factors we've decided to gift electric vehicles to our employees," said Subhash Dawar, Director of the company.

"This issue not only remains in the media headlines but has also affected the financials stand of the company. This will not only save the expenditure on fuel but will also allow our company to contribute towards environmental protection and green appearance," he added.

Subhash further said that he has always believed in the goodwill of the environment, and likes to live in the company of nature. He also mentioned that it is his passion to take every possible step for the protection of the environment. Diwali 2021: India, Pakistan Armies Exchange Sweets on LoC in Kashmir.

Subhash Dawar's son Chirag Dawar, who looks after the business, said that the company has gifted as many as 35 of its employees' electric scooters as a Diwali gift.

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