List of entrepreneurs has increased from the past decade. In the age of the internet, social media technology, people are now becoming more confident and trying to sell their ideas and hit the road to success.

Alec Martinou our own Astyle Aliver.

Entrepreneurs show their qualities from a young age. We spotted one Jamaican born living in America, making his name count in the top list of entrepreneurs with his skills and hard work. We are talking about Alec Martin, better known as Astyle Alive. Man with multi-talent born to inspire generation Y with his business skills.

Started with promotional work:

Alec Martin is an exciting entrepreneur; you might be saying how exciting this young businessman started his own business straight out of High School doing media promotion and marketing for club venues.

Astyle Alive the Designer:

While he was doing marketing and all, he used his skills in designing clothes like stylish T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies.

It worked for him as he was able to sell his designed clothes to top influencers such as the Late hip hop icon Chinx Drugz, NBA superstar JR. Smith, and many others in his apparel.

Alec Martin entrepreneur at the age of 18:

In 2013 he went one step ahead and started branding himself as Astyle Alive, which helped him reach the place where he is now. At the age of 18, he was already an entrepreneur.

Inspired by his Father:

Alec is inspired by his father, who is a Dentist by profession and businessman having his hands in agriculture, real estate and more. He states his father “taught him things that have carved him into the successful person he is today.

2017, Alec launched One Umbrella Enterprise a real estate development and construction company:

Alec Martin is a risk-taker, and his quality comes from his inspiration- Dad. In 2017, Alec launched One Umbrella Enterprise, a real estate development and construction company. His business focuses on buying houses, fixing them up and reselling them known as fix & flip.

2018 Credit Repair Company:

In 2018, he founded Credit Is A Must, a credit repair company. His credit repair company has removed over $1 Million in debt for his clients.

Future sectors Health & Wellness:

Alec is planning to invest in sectors like Health & Wellness, known as Tranquil Store - CBD (Cannabidiol) Company launching in June of 2020. He is a risk-taker, and Alec believes A person who tries comes in the list of top entrepreneurs.

We believe our brains are idea machines, and people like Alec Martin, go ahead to make these ideas big. One of the most regular criticisms of the people who bloom late and succeed in the later ages of their lives is that they weren't brave enough to sell their ideas.

We believe in business there is nothing like an early or late age is just a number what matters is proper idea and execution.