While the real estate industry can be daunting for some, entrepreneur Patrick Carroll has managed to navigate the industry with a set of core values based on innovation and a commitment to success. Through his flagship real estate investment company CARROLL, the self-made businessman has created a diverse portfolio of multifamily housing investments that cover the Sunbelt Region of the United States. Even with his meteoric success, Carroll is more motivated than ever, and has made it a personal mission to encourage aspiring professionals to pursue their career endeavors.

Carroll’s commercial success wasn’t immediate, however. After moving to Atlanta, the 21-year-old entrepreneur whet his real estate appetite with a fixer-upper home. Carroll – recognizing the potential in the industry – used the momentum from his house flip as a launchpad for his career. From there, he developed and sold a 150-unit housing development just before the 2008 recession. Despite the devastation of the economic collapse, Carroll had positioned himself for success by obtaining liquid assets. With this capital, Carroll went on to acquire three property management companies that amounted to 20,000 new multifamily units.

Now, with nearly 20 years of industry experience, Carroll credits his success to bold entrepreneurialism and the talented professionals he has been fortunate enough to work with at CARROLL. He is proud to helm one of the country’s top, privately owned real estate groups that offers premiere service and consistent results. With the company’s strong sense of purpose and its ability to conduct business without the constraints of a board or shareholders, CARROLL has been focused on raising private capital from the largest institutional investors around the world – positioning CARROLL for continued growth in the years to come.

By surrounding himself with a team who is equally entrepreneurial-minded and motivated by opportunity, Carroll has found his formula for success. Complacency, however, is not one of Carroll’s many qualities. Through his unrelenting drive, Carroll continues to seek out new business opportunities, in real estate and beyond.

Carroll promotes his journey as a guide for others, showing success is possible where there is hard work. “I don’t fit the bill of a typical CEO,” Carroll says. “I want to show the next generation of entrepreneurs that you do not have to do things the traditional route to achieve your dreams.”