Blockchain Turning Awards recognise the best performing blockchain Technology company and developing team on a global and a regional basis.

Sulopay won the award for the 'Best Blockchain Innovation Award 2020” because of their streamline payment processes  and global transaction solutions. Their security prides itself on their blockchain technology and centralized log management. Ability to pull in cloudtrail and other logs into one place for reporting and alerting.

SuloPay is keen to support cashless payment methods and is constantly adding new payment services to its platform.

Ben Schulma, Sulopay CEO explained that: “the award is proof that Sulopay strong developing team is resonating with our clients and industry professionals. After tokenising a modern token platform , Sulopay Sentry is a modern tokenization designed with our customers in mind. We understand you need for data protection which is why we have built one of the most secure token solutions on the market. But we also understand your need to access card data without having to wait on the phone or having limits imposed on you. Our solution gives you the flexibility and control you demand.