Privacy while surfing on the internet has become an important feature for everyone. In simple words, many people surf the internet with VPNs and Tor Browser for their own personal reasons. Have you ever used a random VPN to remain anonymous while surfing? Well, you’re practically fully exposed. The Zero Trace Pen fixes all possible vulnerabilities and creates a sandbox to allow you to surf the web and use your computer completely anonymous.

It is a hidden flash drive that you insert into your USB port to use your computer privately. Being completely portable, you can start Zero Trace on any computer from the USB port. By using Zero Trace, users get several security tools to stay away from surveillance and mask his or her identity. So how does this pen work? It encrypts and anonymizes the connection by making it pass through three distinctive relays. Everything by default uses the Tor network to connect to the internet, this includes all other applications.

Additionally, while using Zero Trace Pen, no online trackers and advertisers can track your online activity on the clearnet and dark web. Another amazing quality of buying from Zero Trace is their incredible customer service. The reliability of a product depends more on the customer support and this pen lives up to its expectations. After using it, it automatically hides your identity and deletes everything done over the web.

With its high-end security, there are no chances of threats and viruses entering the computer as it runs independently without using your OS. Its digital security toolbox helps access sensitive documents under a secure connection. Zero Trace is one of its kind and if people think they can just surf the internet in incognito mode without this pen, all their activities will be retrievable and their online identity is accessible by any website. Last but not the least, it provides an optional encrypted storage for saving files in between sessions, just in case you don’t want something deleted during its routine auto purge.

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