Mizoram Assembly Election 2018

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List of Constituency Wise Winners

AC No. State Constituency Winner Party Votes
1 Mizoram Aizawl East I Zoramthanga MNF 8358
2 Mizoram Aizawl North I Vanlalhlana IND 7094
3 Mizoram Aizawl South I C Lalsawivunga IND 6808
4 Mizoram Aizawl West I Lalduhoma IND 7889
5 Mizoram Chalfilh Lalrinliana Sailo MNF 5541
6 Mizoram Champhai North Dr ZrThiamsanga MNF 6057
7 Mizoram Champhai South TJ Lalnuntluanga MNF 5212
8 Mizoram Dampa Lalrintluanga Sailo MNF 5840
9 Mizoram East Tuipui Ramthanmawia MNF 4384
10 Mizoram Hachhek Lalrindika Ralte INC 6202
11 Mizoram Hrangturzo Lalchamliana MNF 4572
12 Mizoram Kolasib K Lalrinliana MNF 5940
13 Mizoram Lawngtlai East H Biakzaua MNF 8656
14 Mizoram Lawngtlai West C Ngunlianchunga INC 10678
15 Mizoram Lengteng LThangmawia MNF 6430
16 Mizoram Lunglei East Lawmawma Tochhawng MNF 4063
17 Mizoram Lunglei North Vanlaltanpuia MNF 5022
18 Mizoram Lunglei South K Pachhunga MNF 6245
19 Mizoram Lunglei West C Lalrinsanga MNF 4093
20 Mizoram Mamit H Lalzirliana MNF 6874
21 Mizoram Palak Kt Rokhaw INC 5492
22 Mizoram Saiha Dr K Beichhua MNF 8109
23 Mizoram Serchhip Lalduhoma IND 5481
24 Mizoram Serlui Lalrinsanga Ralte MNF 6128
25 Mizoram South Tuipui Dr R Lalthangliana MNF 6126
26 Mizoram Tawi RLalzirliana MNF 4940
27 Mizoram Thorang Zodintluanga Ralte INC 4499
28 Mizoram Tuichang Tawnluia MNF 5146
29 Mizoram Tuichawng Buddha Dhan Chakma BJP 11419
30 Mizoram Tuikum Er Lalrinawma MNF 5439
31 Mizoram Tuirial Andrew H Thangliana IND 4387
32 Mizoram Tuivawl Lalchhandama Ralte MNF 5207
33 Mizoram West Tuipui Nihar Kanti Chakma INC 5943
2019 Assembly Elections Updates

MNF Defeats Congress After 10 Years, Secure 26 Seats. Ruling Congress manages to win only 5 seats, which was the strength of MNF in 2013. While BJP managed to clinch one seat, others have secured 8 seats. 

Mizoram Assembly Elections results. | Image Courtesy: http://eciresults.nic.in
Mizoram Assembly Elections results. | Image Courtesy: http://eciresults.nic.in

MNF's K Pachhunga Wins Lunglei South Seat. Beats Congress's R Lalninthara by 2441 votes.

MNF Leads in Mizoram, Congress Trails.

Incumbent CM Lal Thanhawla has lost from bith erchhip and Champhai South

Incumbent CM Lal Thanhawla is trailing from Serchhip, while, independent candidate Lalduhoma leading from the constituency.

The MNF has won seven seats in Mizoram, while one seat bagged by an Independent candidate.

MNF Candidate Ramthanmawia has won form East Tuipui

CM Lal Thanhawla has lost from Champhai South seat.

Mizoram Congress spokesperson Prof Maliana blamed Zoram People's Movement (ZPM) for the defeat of the grand old party.

The MNF is leading in 27 seats, the ruling Congress is ahead only on nine seat. Meanwhile, the BJP has an upper hand in one seat.

Cabinet Minster Vanlalawmpuii Chawngthu is trailing behind former Assembly Speaker Lalchamliana in Hrangturzo seat, while, former Chief Minister and MNF president Zoramthanga is leading in Aizawl East-I

The opposition Mizo National Front (MNF) is leading in 26 constituencies,

Incumbent CM Lal Thanhawala from trailing in Serchhip, while ZPM candidate Lalduhoma is leading.

The MNF is leading in 16 seats, Congress has an advantage in 11 seats. The BJP is also making inroads in the north-eastern state with lead in two seats

The Congress is leading in 10 seats, while the Mizo National Front (MNF) is ahead in 11 seats. Others are leading in one seat

Congress is leading on one seat in the North-Eastern state.

the counting of votes has begun. Incumbent CM Lal Thanhawala will be eyeing for the third consecutive term for the CM post.

The counting of votes will begin at 8 am. The main contest will be between the ruling Congress and the Mizo National Party.

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