Bigg Boss 12: Surbhi Rana, Deepak Thakur Stoop To A New Low As They Pass Offensive Comments on Jasleen Matharu
Surbhi passes personal comments on Jasleen on Bigg Boss 12

Sometimes we just love Surbhi Rana, but there are times when we wish the makers throw her out of the Bigg Boss house. We are feeling the latter right now after watching the latest promo of Bigg Boss 12 in which we see her passing personal comments on Jasleen Matharu. She sings the song, "Main Kya Karoon Ram Mujhe Buddhha Mil Gaya" thereby taking a dig at the relationship between Jasleen and Anup Jalota, who got eliminated from Bigg Boss 12 a few weeks back.

Of course, Jasleen doesn't like this one bit and she loses her cool on Surbhi and asks her to mind her own business. Surbhi being Surbhi doesn't keep quiet and continues to instigate Jasleen even more. Deepak Thakur adds more fuel to the fire by siding with Surbhi. He made it worse by saying that a young person like Jasleen requires a lot of guts to be in a relationship with Anup, who is quite older to her. He further says that the other person has to be rich, and this pisses Jasleen further as she feels he directly called her a gold digger. Bigg Boss 12: Was It Karma That Hit Back At The Happy Club After They Made Fun Of Shivashish Mishra?


Anup has denied their relationship after coming out of the house and Surbhi tells Jasleen that they have faked it to grab more eyeballs. Jasleen replies her by saying that she knows the truth and that she has no right to comment on her relationship. And we totally agree with her. We are very disappointed with Deepak and Surbhi.