Bigg Boss Marathi: Underdog Smita Gondkar May Win With This Trick and Surprise Naysayers!
Smita Gondkar in Bigg Boss Marathi House (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

Bigg Boss Marathi is getting more intense and interesting with every passing episode. With only a handful of contestants left inside the glass-walled house, the controversial reality show is making the fans ask the most pertinent question. Who will win the first season of Bigg Boss Marathi? Wil it be Megha Dhade? Will Aastad Kale win the title? Will Pushkar Jog gets the maximum number of votes or will Sai Lokur become the ultimate winner? Amidst the chaos being built over these names rolled out, nobody is giving a desrving chance to Smita Gondkar.

Smita is a clear-cut underdog, but don't write her off as yet. Here's why Smita is a darling. She might have been slow with her reflexes and doesn't think as quick as others, but she has it in her to win the hearts of BBM fans with her honesty and innocence. Here are our reasons that make Smita a winner already, even if she has not succeeded in winning BBM trophy and the Prize Money.

1.  Smita doesn't bitch about anybody. She doesn't talk bad about anybody behind their backs. She always shows respect to all the inmates and reciprocates the warmth everytime she is given love and support.

2. She has played all her task with all fairness. She is hardworking and tries to improve herself with every passing episode. She is not particularly complaining and knows where to draw the line.

3. Smita doesn't like to hurt anyone. She takes approval from everybody even when she wants to retaliate or give it back to her who have wronged her!

She fumbles when she speaks Marathi, unlike the other inmates for whom Marathi is the primary language of communication. Smita's mother also added that she takes time to ensure that her grammar does not go for a toss. In that attempt to speak correct Marathi, she loses the bus. The result of which is there for everyone to see; She comes across as a total bimbette because she deliberates. If all these points are taken into consideration, Smita is a hero already!