Dilip Kumar Health Update: Actor Down With Fever After Lung Infection
Dilip Kumar. (Photo credits: twitter)

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar's health has been fluctuating for the past few months. The star was recently diagnosed with pneumonia and hospitalized. He soon recovered from it and was brought home. However, as per the latest reports in TOI, he is down with fever since Friday. He has also been infected once again but has not been hospitalized. He is taken care of by two nurses who have had intensive care training.

The report further suggests that after his surgery last month, his lungs have some patches left on them. Due to these patches, the infection has resurfaced and affected the 95-year-old actor's health. The doctors have, however, not advised hospitalization yet.

The Mughal-e-Azam star was brought home last month after being hospitalized. Post his return, he is on nasal feed as advised by the doctors. The actor cannot have food or water orally as it might directly enter his lungs and cause acute damage to them. The reports also say that his mouth needs to be kept moist which is why small pieces of ice are used for the purpose. Is Dilip Kumar Unable to Recognize Saira Banu? Wife Refutes Fake News, Says His Health Is Improving.

Known as the 'tragedy king' of  Hindi cinema, he has ruled the industry for decades together, being an inspiration for all the aspiring artists. He was last seen on the silver screen in Umesh Mehra directed film Qila (1998 ). We wish him a speedy recovery.