Indians Don’t Know Much on Saragarhi Battle, Says ‘Kesari’ Star Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar in Kesari (Photo Credits: Dharma Productions)

Mumbai, March 15: Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, who features as Havildar Ishar Singh in Kesari -- a film on the historical Battle of Saragarhi -- has urged the youth to watch the film as he feels the heroic tale has got lost in the pages of history books. At an event here on Friday, Akshay said: "It is sad that though the British celebrate Saragarhi Day, remembering the martyrs of the war, but we Indians do not know much about it. It is sad how an incident like this has got lost in the pages of history."

"It is hard to imagine how 21 Sikh soldiers stood strong inside a fort, knowing that 10,000 Afghan soldiers were waiting outside to kill them. Knowing that death is inevitable and continuing the fight requires a lot of bravery. That war was a pure example of that. They fought for our country, for our honour. Kesari trailer: Akshay Kumar is beyond outstanding! | Parineeti Chopra | Karan Johar.

"So, I would like to urge all the parents to show the film to their children. Our youngsters should know about our war heroes. This is also an educational film. It is a true incident and based on real characters." Actress Parineeti Chopra and Kesari director Anurag Singh, apart from producer Karan Johar were a part of it. The film is releasing on April 21.