Singer Kailash Kher and Model Zulfi Syed Join the Likes of Nana Patekar, Victims Come Forward to Reveal Shocking Incidents
Kailash Kher and Zulfi Syed accused of sexual abuse by a woman photojournalist

The #MeToo movement has finally arrived in India and it's time we speak up. After Tanushree Dutta revealed the dark secrets of our otherwise glamorous industry, she encouraged her contemporaries and fellow ladies to do the same. Sexual molestation was prevalent in our industry for quite a long time but no one was courageous enough to reveal it or correct all the wrongs. However, Tanushree's brave move was definitely a turning chapter and it's time these perpetrators get the punishment they deserve. Ranveer Singh Condemns The Tanushree Dutta-Nana Patekar Saga, While Deepika Padukone Says #MeToo is Not About Gender But Right Vs Wrong.

After Nana Patekar and comedian Utsav Chakraborty were heavily criticised for their immoral act, the new names to join this ugly list are Kailash Kher and Zulfi Syed. A credible photojournalist has come forward to reveal the details of their unethical acts and how she could not file the 'real' interview because the newspaper (the one she worked for) would never publish it. Twitterati Reminds Shakti Kapoor Of His Own Casting Couch Scandal After He Says He was a Kid When Tanushree Dutta-Nana Patekar Incident Happened; Here's the Video.


It's alarming and disgusting at the same time. As a woman working in the same profession, it's scary to read such horror stories that may happen again to any one of us. Unless, of course, we decide to speak unanimously and fight this evil practice.