Exclusive! Bigg Boss Marathi Contestant Pushkar Jog In Money Extortion Case? Was He A Victim?
Legal Trouble? Pushkar Jog: FIR Was Filed Against The Actor (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

Those who have seen Pushkar Jog, on screen or off it, will surely swear by the man's modesty. The soft-spoken contestant of Bigg Boss Marathi is loved by one and all with his mannerisms and his gentleness. So when we heard that an FIR was filed against Jog, the news really surprised us. Further probing into the case helped us understand the case in a better way. Though we could not get in touch with Jog as he is locked up inside the glass-walled house, we tried to get details and the logical conclusion of the case.

But now a source narrates his version of the story to reaffirm the belief that Jog is a thorough gentleman and he was wrongly got dragged into the said case. On the outer surface, it looked like the case of casteism. A certain Chavan apparently was fired from his job at Jog's Institute of which Jog's family, as reported, is one of the trustees.  ( Read The Full Details of The Case Here: Bigg Boss Marathi: Police Complaint Filed Against Pushkar Jog For Promoting Casteism; The Goodie-Goodie Boy Was Exposed?)

"Pushkar has been wrongly framed in the case. It was the classic case of atrocity. The said individual (Chavan who had filed the FIR) was a teacher and he was involved in irresponsible activities involving some students. So he was fired from the job from the institute. In retaliation, he simply tried to extort money with this case. Pushkar is clearly a victim here," said the source. (Bigg Boss Marathi Potential Winner: Pushkar Jog Wins Votes and Hearts With His Gentlemanly Personality: Have We Found The Winner Already?)

 TOI had reported that complainant who belongs to a reserve category accused the institute's owner Pushkar to be caste biased due to which the former was not given any opportunity by the latter. When contacted the actor had said, "I don't want to comment much on the matter. The law will take its course."

Will someone from Jog family care to talk about the case and clear the air as Pushkar is one of the most favorite contestants to win the show? Honestly, the accusations hurled at him should not limit Pushkar's chances of winning Bigg Boss Marathi. What do you think fans?