Before winning over fans with his definitive portrayal of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds had three failed attempts to make a mark in the superhero franchise. Something his fans are trying hard to forget ever happened. And if you do, Reynolds himself will remind you in the most meta way possible as you might remember watching his Deadpool movies. Before getting a solo Deadpool outing, he had played the same character in X-Men: Origins - Wolverine, and it was lambasted by fans and critics. And who can forget his solo DC outing in Green LanternDid Taylor Swift Drop the Name of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's Third Baby in Her Song 'Betty'? Twitterati Believe So!

The movie came out in 2011, and had Reynolds play AF pilot Hal Jordan who becomes one of the Green Lanterns, the cosmic protectors of the universe. Green Lantern was a critical and commercial failure, but it did one good thing for the star - he met and fell in love with his future partner, Blake Lively, while shooting for the film.

Now as DC fans are awaiting the Snyder Cut of Justice League, Reynolds has gone ahead and made his own trailer for 'Secret Reynolds Cut' of Green Lantern. In his own words, it is something 'you all haven’t been waiting for', and it is as ridiculous as it sounds. Zack Snyder Is Working on His Cut of Justice League for Free.

For all Reynolds did was collated some random scenes from the film, abruptly edited them, while also adding a little bit of the hilarious Deadpool 2 post-credit stinger, where Deadpool shoots the actor, as he is done reading the Green Lantern script. Not to mention, photoshopping what appears to be Tom Cruise as the Green Lantern!

Typical Deadpool! Or rather, I should say, typical Ryan Reynolds and his wicked self-deprecatory sense of humour!

Check Out The Tweet Below:

Earlier in another tweet, Ryan Reynolds denied being cast as Hawkman in Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam movie. He, however, hinted that he may already be in Zack Snyder's Justice League Snyder Cut.

Knowing Reynolds, we don't really know if he is serious or just pulling our legs. Now since we have got his Secret Cut of Green Lantern, how about a Secret Cut of Blade: Trinity?

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