X-Men: Days of Future Past Actress Fan Bingbing Goes Missing Stirring Rumours Of Tax Evasion
Fan Bingbing goes missing. Picture Courtesy: Instagram

China's most famous actress, Fan Bingbing, who was seen in the Hollywood film, X-Men: Days of Future Past, has been missing for the past two months. The Chinese authorities have stated that Bingbing might be in trouble with the law since she has come last in the ranking of social responsibility among the celebrities. There have been rumours doing the round that the actress has been detained by the Chinese authorities due to tax evasion claims.

As per a report, 2017-18 China Film and Television Star Social Responsibility Report compiled jointly by the Beijing Normal University and state-affiliated Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Corporate Social Responsibility Research Institute, Fan has scored zero out of 100 in the category. The idea of creating such a study by China's Communist leaders was to stifle the entertainment industry and curb the promotion of "money worship", "distorting social values" and "misleading young people to blindly chase celebrities".

The authorities later announced a pay cap in June where they mentioned that leading celebrities should not receive more than 70 percent of their total wages. As per the report, only nine celebrities scored above 60 with respect to social responsibility.

It has been two months since actress Fan was spotted in public. Even her last Instagram post was in May. It is speculated that she is caught up in an investigation over the "yin-yang" contracts which breach the honest report of the actor's real salary as opposed to the small figure that they submit to the tax authorities. On the Securities Daily newspaper, a report had stated that Fan had been put under control and would be accepting of the legal judgement. However, they did not mention her crime and eventually, the article was taken down.

On the same, Fan's studio has denied reports of wrongdoing by the actress to evade tax. The 36-year-old actress with a career span of two decades in the film industry across the globe has been the poster girl for various brands such as Cartier and Mercedes-Benz. Her last reported appearance was on July 1, when she visited a children's hospital.