Kim Kardashian’s Butt Can Now Be Yours With 3D Print!
(Photo Credits: Instagram)

Ever wondered how big Kim Kardashian’s ass is? Not by the looks, but actual measurements of that booty? Well, the technology is here where you can print out your favourite celebrity’s butt to get the actual feel of the booty and to answer the age old question: how big is it? The big booty trend came around with the Kardashians, Kim to be precise. Now you can get your decorative Kim Kardashian’s ass, thanks to Ida Jonsson and Simon Saarinen. Jennifer Lopez Launches Subscription Box, and J.Lo’s Favourite Leggings Can Now Be Yours.

About five years ago Kim Kardashian was photographed by Jean Paul Gaude for Paper magazine. The pictures include Kim Kardashian being oiled up with her butt out and one had her posing naked in full frontal. And how can we forget the famous picture of Kim Kardashian popping a champagne bottle and pouring it in a glass sitting on her huge ass. The picture was taken with the aim to break the internet and that it did! The picture was received pretty well with the public with uncountable recreations and imitations. This picture did a lot more than just give us reaction videos on YouTube and some viral memes. Two net artists Ida Jonsson and Simon Saarinen have come up with a solution for thirsty fans to keep Kim’s ass treasured. Meghan Markle Mom-Shamed on Instagram! Netizens Troll the Duchess of Sussex for ‘Awkwardly’ Holding Baby Archie (View Pic).

In an interview with Vice, the duo told how they’re obsessed with Instagram celebs and Kim is the queen. Her butt holds the crown so why not start with that. There are different version and ratios the butt on their website and they work for different devices. Their website defines it as “The world's most iconic bum for you to experience in actual scale. Download the 3D object to print yourself a statue”. Check out You can zoom in and out according to your device to view the butt. Kim has not responded to this yet but we can’t wait for her reaction!