Bigg Boss 12: Karanvir Bohra Reveals Two Main Reasons He Turned Down the Show and, No, You Won’t Be Shocked

Bigg Boss 12 is all set to premiere in just a couple of days. And for all the fans the next three months will be a rollercoaster ride of fun and emotions. The list of contestants is slowly and interestingly being revealed by the makers and news portals. The theme of the show this time is that contestants will participate in jodis. There could have been the lovely jodi of Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu inside the house, entertaining us, but they turned the offer from the makers down. And now we know the reason. And we are being entirely honest, it doesn't surprise or shock us. At all.

Karanvir had already opened up that he has been approached for the 12th season. In fact, he said that he is being approached since the inception of this show. Now, while talking to a news daily, his wife revealed the reason behind their refusal. She said, "We have two little kids to take care of. I cannot leave them behind and head for the show for three long months. The kids are too young, dependent and vulnerable. Bella and Vienna both are very well connected to my parents and his but they will need their parents to be around. I would not like to comprise on my duty of being a mother to them and not cherish time with them. Maybe 10 years from now, when the two will grow up and be a mouthful, a show like Bigg Boss can be a great break. And for Karan, he is so attached to them!” Bigg Boss 12: Is Anup Jalota Entering The House With This Female Singer?

Karanvir confirmed the reason by adding, “I follow the show very closely but I am very much attached to my babies. I cannot leave them.”

Well, now those are two reasons that sure make a worthy excuse to not be a part of Bigg Boss 12. Bella and Vienna - two adorably cute reasons, if you will.