Bigg Boss 12: Nehha Pendse Is Aggressive in Bed and No, It’s Not What You Think
Nehha talks about this weird habit she has in bed

Contestants locked inside the Bigg Boss house talk about everything and anything to pass their time whenever they are not doing the tasks, of course. Sometimes the conversations are intelligent, while sometimes they are totally random. But the discussion that the new BFFs Dipika Kakar and Nehha Pendse had recently has raised our eyebrows. In an unseen video on Voot, we see Nehha telling Dipika about this weird habit she has in bed. The Marathi actress reveals to Dipika that she is aggressive in bed. No, we are not kidding. She did say that. But it's not what you are thinking right now.

Nehha only mean to say that she keeps moving a lot while she is sleeping as a lot of things keep going on in her head. It's because of this she throws her hands and legs, and when she wakes up everything is messy. She also adds that she was worried that everybody will come to know how aggressively she sleeps. Bigg Boss 12 Contestant Romil Choudhary: “Dipika Kakar Knows How to Play the Game”.

On the other hand, Nehha tells that Dipika sleeps quite delicately. Dipika tells her that she need not worry about what others will think as her bed is at one end of the room, but Nehha tells Dipika that she sleeps in a weird position too. Dipika then reveals that her dog hates it when she cuddles her husband Shoaib Ibrahim. So cute! Nehha talks about her dog as she says that she too was very possessive and never liked it when Nehha used to talk to her mother.

Well, it's good to see Nehha and Dipika bonding big time in the Bigg Boss house. We hope they stay like this till the end of the show.